"Quentin is the best! Working with him is like having a Pilates pro, an exercise coach & a physical therapist all rolled up into one. He makes your body look, work & feel better."
Ellen and Elan Paz - Pilates enthusiasts

I have known Quentin since he was a young dancer with the Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble. He studied with me back then at my Pilates Studio, The Ron Fletcher Co. I take Pilates mat classes with Quentin whenever I can. His knowledge of the body is unsurpassed; I always learn something important. I am a certified Master Teacher of Pilates. If I can learn so much from his teaching approach, imagine how blessed his new students are to have found Align Studio!" Diane Severino - Teacher

"Being the only guy who hates to exercise, it's pretty amazing that Quentin has got me coming twice a week to Align Studio for the past year. My body hasn't felt this good in twenty years."
Michael Sewitz - Businessman

"Quentin, just wanted to say thank you for your ability to transfer your expertise into actual results. It's been two years since I started at Align and so glad I did. I have worked out doing various things from martial arts to weightlifting but Pilates has been the cherry on the cake. It's like discovering the fountain of youth. I have taken at least 10 to 15 years off my actual age in terms of flexibility and movement - no exaggeration. Lost inches around my waistline and my abs are much more toned. Thank you again; you're very good at what you do!" Josh Taylor - Actor

Quentin's Pilates mat class with my company has been very valuable in developing the importance of core abdominal strength in my dancers. Thanks so much for everything."
Kati Hernandez - Afro-Cuban choreographer & dancer

"I have congenital deformations in the lumbar area of my spine and carpal tunnel syndrome. Since attending Quentin's Pilates class, I have not had back spasms and the constant wrist and shoulder pain have eased drastically. His extensive knowledge in anatomy was evident from the very first session. He explains clearly each movement and the reason why one is doing it. He will assemble a well-balanced routine taking into consideration each person's capacity, skill level or injuries. I highly recommend Quentin's Pilates Class as I have seen its positive influence on my body and state of mind. Pilates will not only help you become more flexible, tone your body, and improve your overall posture, it will undoubtedly help you relieve stress." V. Guevara - Graphic Designer