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About Us

Align Studio offers personally supervised exercise programs based on the conditioning principles of the late Joseph H. Pilates. The Pilates Method emphasizes natural flowing movements, performed on a unique exercise apparatus. The Universal Reformer, which utilizes spring tension and a pulley system, works the entire body using gentle isotonic movements for developing balanced muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance through a full range-of-motion. It is an excellent conditioning program for both men and women, athletes in top physical shape looking for a new challenge, as well as those beginners looking for a safe, efficient workout. Even those with physical limitations or recovering from an injury or operation can train safely without stress to vulnerable areas.

The apparatus and special mat exercises are taught with one-on-one supervision. The technique strengthens, lengthens and firms the body head to toe. With emphasis on precise flowing movements, mental concentration, and breath control, the method creates a keen new sense of mind/body awareness. Unlike other exercise regimens that are based on endless repetitions done to the point of fatigue, our program focuses on movements done with maximum grace and control. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, each muscle stretched toned and massaged. All work is performed at your own level of ability in a non-competitive atmosphere. Abdomen, legs, hips, thighs, buttocks quickly become firm and strong. Flexibility and range-of-motion increase remarkably. Posture and alignment are corrected. Uneven muscular development and imbalances are improved. You will be amazed at the terrific results achieved after working with this method for just one month.

"It's not pain, it's heightened awareness"

-Quentin Josephy