Quentin Josephy is the founder and director of Align Studio. His 23 years of teaching experience places him in the company of the "early generation" of Master Pilates teachers. As a former Modern dancer, he brings his insightful rehabilitative and corrective approach to exercise which has been invaluable to the thousands who have trained with him over the years. Quentin was one of the first to introduce Pilates teacher training workshops and seminars to resorts both in the U.S. and Mexico. In the late 1980's he organized and hosted the first Pilates Teacher Training Programs. He has studied with such Master instructors as Carola Trier, Kathy Grant, Fran Lehan, Romana Kryzanowska, Alan Herdman and others. In 1989 he produced Carola Shares (available on DVD), an early teacher training documentary of the teaching methods of Carola Trier, mentor and early disciple of Joseph Pilates. With former partner Marie-Jose Lawrence-Blom, he created and marketed the C-Shaper, available from Balanced Body, and the Thera-toner, available through Align Studio.

"Develop your kinesthetic awareness"

-Quentin Josephy